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Title: Geochemistry of coal–bearing Permo−Triassic strata in Allan Hills, South Victoria Land, Antarctica: Implications for palaeoclimate
Authors: Pandita, S.K.
Siddaiah, N.S.
Tewari, R.
Chatterjee, S.
Agnihotri, D.
Keywords: Geochemistry
Allan Hills
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Palaeobotanist (2018) 67(1): 89-97
Abstract: Major, trace and rare earth element (REE) geochemistry has been carried out in this paper to characterize source–rock weathering and climatic variability of the late Permian Weller Formation and the late Triassic Lashly Formation of Gondwana sequences which have yielded rich record of plant mega–and micro fossils associated with coal beds in post–glacial conditions in Allan Hills of South Victoria Land, Antarctica. The geochemistry suggests dominantly a felsic provenance with a volcanogenic input and role of weathering and hydrothermal alteration. The palaeoclimatic interpretation derived from geochemical analysis indicates warm, temperate and humid conditions during the late Permian, and warm and humid conditions during the late Triassic.
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