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Title: Palynomorphs from the Barakar Formation of Dhanpuri Open Cast Mine, Sohagpur Coalfield, Madhya Pradesh, India
Authors: Agnihotri, Deepa
Pillai, S.S.K.
Aggarwal, Neha
Tewari, Rajni
Jasper, Andre
Uhl, Dieter
Keywords: Palynomorphs
Barakar Formation
Sohagpur Coalfield
Madhya Pradesh
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Palaeobotanist (2018) 67(2): 171-184
Abstract: Well preserved palynomorphs from the Barakar Formation of Dhanpuri Open Cast Mine, Sohagpur Coalfield, Shahdol District, Madhya Pradesh are reported for the first time. The palynomorphs include megaspores and spores/pollen grains. Dispersed megaspores are represented by 6 genera and 13 species comprising Banksisporites indicus, B. utkalensis, Banksisporites sp., Barakarella shuklae, Barakarella sp., Biharisporites sp. Bokarosporites rotundus, Bokarosporites sp., Jhariatriletes baculosus, Jhariatriletes sp., Talchirella flavata, T. trivedii and Talchirella sp. The microspore assemblage shows dominance of monosaccate pollen grains namely Parasaccites obscures, P. korbaensis and Plicatipollenites indicus, along with sub–dominance of non–striate bisaccate taxa Scheuringipollenites barakarensis and S. maximus. Other palynomorphs include trilete Callumispora barakarensis, striate bisaccate pollen grains Faunipollenites sp. and Striatopodocarpites multistriatus, non striate bisaccate genera Ibisporites diplosaccus and Platysaccus ovatus, along with Tiwariasporis gondwanensis and Vitreisporites sp.
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