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Notices / Updates
BSIP Holiday List
Reconstitution of purchase committee
DR. B. S. Venkatchala memorial lecture - 2016
NOC of Dr. Ram Shukla - Ex- Registrar
Ajay Kumar Srivastava , TA - D transferred to Estb. section
Dr. James B. Riding shall deliver four lecture from 18 to 23 Nov, 2015
Dr. R. S. Singh joined as additional duties of registrar wef 17.11.2015
NOC of Dr. Rahul Garg, Emeritus Scientist, tenure completes wef 30.11.2015
Ram Kewal, MTS - I transferred to Garden
Resignation of ms Jyostana Dubey, JRF from 22.09.2015
BSIP Employee Medal
Founder's Day Function on 14th Nov, 2015 at 9.30 AM
Vigilence Awareness Week - Lecture by Dr. Arvind Chaturvedi
Scientific assessment promotion proforma submit latest by Nov, 13, 2015
Superannuation of Dr. R.R. Yadav
Vigilence Week 26-31 oct 2015
Prof M S sodha lecture on Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam Birthday
Dr, Nilay Govind included in Invitation Committee
Maintenance of punctuality in Institute
Notice for tour programme
Dr. Mayank Shekhar joined as Young Scientist in DST Sponsored Project wef. 1.10.2015
Founder's day function ( 14.11.2015) committee
hindi karyashala on 8.10.2015 at 10.45 AM
Notice for overnight car parking in Institute
Dr. (Mrs.) Alpana Singh - Sc. -'F' superannuation wef. 31.12.2015
Dr. Rajesh Agnihotri joined as Scientist 'E' on 22.09.2015
Hindi Pakhwara from 10-24 Sept, 2015
Mrs. Jyotsna Dubey joined as JRF in DST Project under Dr. Sheikh Nawaj Ali, Sc. - 'B' as PI
NOC of Dr. Mayank Shekhar, RA
Sh. Anand Praksh joined as JRF under Ph.D Programme under the guidance of Dr. Anju Saxena
Condolenece of Dr. S.M. Vethanayagam will be held on 14th Sep 2015 at 5.00PM
Committee for Earth & Atmospheric Science 25-26 sept,2015
Foundation day celebration on 10th september, 2015
Return of biometric card
Tenure of Ms. Vineta yadav and Miss Jyoti Tewari both Apprentice Trainees ( Library) shall complete on 9.11.2015 and 11.11
Tenure of Ms. Shreya Misra completes on 30.09.2015
Hindi Workshop on 24.8.2015
Dr. Neerja Jha is authorised to hoist the flag and address the Institute staff on August 15, 2015
The room facility of Dr. M. R. Rao extends upto 30.09.2015
Tenure of Sh. Harinam Joshi completed on 26.09.2015
Tenure of Dr. M. R. Rao as Emeritus Scientist completed wef. 31.07.2015
Ms Shalini Sharma joined as JRF under Ph.D programme , guidance of Dr. A. K. pokharia
Committees for Neclime Conference at BSIP
Tenure of Dr. B. Sekar has completed with effect from
Joining of MS Shivangi Tiwari as JRF under BSIP Ph.D Programme
Name changed by Ms. Bandana Dimri to Mrs. Bandana Shukla
Appointment of JRF Sri. Husain Shabbar
NOC of Dr. A. Bhattacharya , Emeritus Scientist
Hindi lecture on 18.6.2015
Tenure of Dr. shamim Ahmad completed on 19.01.2015
Relieving order of Reshma chaterjee
Appointment of kanika singhas DPA
Haradhan Mahanti MTS superannuation wef 30.06.2015
Holiday on 14th April 2015
Audit Para for 6 April 2015
All Scientific and Technical staff submit APAR forms for the year 2014 latest by 16.02.2015
Eligible Technical Staff of Group - II and Group-I submit the assessment proforma latest by February 20, 2015
Sri Saheb Lal Yadav joined as Project Assistant in DST sponsored Project under Dr. R. R. Yadav, Scientist - 'G' wef 03.02.2015
Sri Akhilesh Kumar Yadav joined as RA in DST Sponsored Project under Dr. R.R. Yadav, Scientist - 'G' wef 03.02.2015
Superannuation of Dr. S. K. Bera, Scientist -'F' wef 30.04.2015
Tenure of sri harinam Joshi, BSRS shall complete on 26.03.2015
Deputation of Dr. Pauline K. Sabina, Scientist - 'F' for two years wef 23.02.2015 to 22.2.2017
Joining of Ms Priyanka Joshi as JRF
Prof. R Geeta, Botany Department, Delhi University, Delhi will conduct a three days workshop (March 2-4, 2015) in the Institute on Phylogenetic Biology.
Flag Hosting on Repuclic Day at 9.00 AM
Joining of Sh. Prem Prakash, Ex- T.O. 'D' as consultant
Joining of Registrar
Emergency medical reimburshment as per the CGHS norms
All are invited to attend the inaugural function held on 11.12.2014 at 10.30 AM
office order of transport committee
Sri Prem Chandra MTS - II superannuation wef 28.02.2015
Sri Nanda Kishore Sahoo joined as UGC JRF Under Dr.) (Mrs.) Jyotsana Rai wef 28.10.2014
Dr. Mukund Sharma, Scientist - 'F' as Vigilance Officer wef 1st December , 2014
Dr. A. Bhattacharya superannuated wef 31.12.2012
Lecture deliver by Prof. Markus Stoffel on November 25, 2014 at 4.30 P.M.
Address to the Scientific staff by GB Chairman
Scheduled programme of Founder’s Day function
Shri Uttam Pandey joined as JRF under Sr. S. K. Shah in DST Sponsored Project
Duty Officer for voting by secret ballot of efficient Staff Medal
Committees for founder's Day, Nov, 14, 2014
Panjab Univ. recongnised BSIP as its research Centre for the purpose of Ph D
 Lecture of Mahendra Modi on Oct 30, 2014
Vigilance Awareness of week from Oct 27, 2014 to Nov 01, 2014
Committees for the International Conference February 19-25, 2015
Prem Prakash, T.O. 'D' superannuation on 31.12.2014
Dr. M S Chauhan, Scientist - 'F' superannuation on 31.12.2014
NOC of Ms. Surabhi Garg as JRF - 29, sept, 2014
Kavi sammelan on 30.9.2014 at 3.30 PM
Circular for observation of Swatchh Bharat Mission on 2nd Oct, 2014
Audit from 13-29 th Oct, 2014
All the Scientists/Scholars required to deliver lecture after attending the conferences/Seminars/Workshop/Symposia(both in India or aborad) with in month(16-09-2014)
Ms. Ipsita Roy joined duties as JRF in DST project under Dr. P.S. Ranhotra(16-09-2014)
44th meeting of RAC will held on Sep 22 & 23 ,2014
Hindi Pakhwara [4.9.2014]
Voluntary Retirement of Dr. D.C. Saini, Scientist 'F'(03-09-2014)
Dr. R.S. Singh, Scientist 'F' with additional charge of Registrar (01-09-2014)
Ms. Shazi Farooqui joined duties under Dr. Anupum Sharma (01-09-2014)
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